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Latest! - we have now added a full listing of Internet Top-Level Domains, including both Generic TLDs and Country-Code TLDs.

Please check out the Engineering Data section, which contains a very useful table of Drill Sizes showing ISO Metric and ANSI Letter and Number size drills, plus a comprehensive listing of Wire Gauges in Metric and Imperial measurements.

This site contains metric and imperial conversion factors, a periodic table of the elements, a reverse searchable listing of UK STD codes, International STD Dialling Codes and World Time Zone data. Also a listing of Fundamental Physical Constants, a full listing of UK Postcode Areas and many other items of handy info that we hope you will find useful. We plan to add many more categories to this resource as time goes by.

Whilst every care has been taken in the compilation of these lists, and many checks have been carried out, the possibility of an error is always present and that must be borne in mind by all users. We would be glad to be of any errors detected!

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