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Area or Square Measure - Conversion Factors
To convert from the unit in the first column to the unit in the second, multiply by the conversion factor in the third column.

1 Acre = (1 x 40.46856422) Ares = 40.46856422 Ares
To Convert To Multiply By
Acres Square Miles (Statute) 0.0015625
Acres Square Kilometers 0.004046856
Acres Hectares 0.404685642
Acres Ares 40.46856422
Acres Square Meters 4046.856422
Acres Square Yards 4840
Acres Square Feet 43560
Ares Square Meters 100
Ares Square Yards 119.599
Chains, Square (Surveyor's) Ares 4.04686
Feet, Square Acres 2.29568E-05
Feet, Square Square Meters 0.09290304
Feet, Square Square Yards 0.1111111
Feet, Square Square Decimeters 9.290304
Feet, Square Square Inches 144
Feet, Square Square Centimeters 929.0304
Hectares Square Miles 0.00386102
Hectares Square Kilometers 0.01
Hectares Acres 2.4710538
Hectares Square Meters 10000
Hectares Square Yards 11959.9
Hectares Square Feet 107639.1
Inches, Square Square Meters 0.00064516
Inches, Square Square Yards 0.000771605
Inches, Square Square Feet 0.00694444
Inches, Square Square Centimeters 6.4516
Links, Square (Surveyor's) Square Inches 62.7264
Links, Square (Surveyor's) Square Centimeters 404.686
Meters, Square Hectares 0.0001
Meters, Square Acres 0.000247105
Meters, Square Square Yards 1.195990046
Meters, Square Square Feet 10.7639104
Meters, Square Square Inches 1550.0031
Meters, Square Square Centimeters 10000
Miles, Square Nautical Square (Statute) Miles 1.325
Miles, Square Nautical Square Kilometers 3.429904
Miles, Square (Statute) Square Nautical Miles 0.755
Miles, Square (Statute) Sections 1
Miles, Square (Statute) Square Kilometers 2.58998811
Miles, Square (Statute) Hectares 258.998811
Miles, Square (Statute) Hectares 258.998811
Miles, Square (Statute) Acres 640
Miles, Square (Statute) Acres 640
Miles, Square (Statute) Square Rods 102400
Miles, Square (Statute) Square Meters 2589988.11
Miles, Square (Statute) Square Yards 3097600
Miles, Square (Statute) Square Feet 27878400
Rods, Square Acres 0.00625
Rods, Square Square Meters 25.29285
Rods, Square Square Yards 30.25
Sections (US) Square (Statute) Miles 1
Sections (US) Square Kilometers 2.5899881
Townships (US) Sections 36
Townships (US) Square (Statute) Miles 36
Townships (US) Square Kilometers 93.239572
Yards, Square Square Miles 3.22831E-07
Yards, Square Hectares 8.36127E-05
Yards, Square Acres 0.000206612
Yards, Square Square Meters 0.83612736
Yards, Square Square Feet 9
Yards, Square Square Inches 1296
Yards, Square Square Centimeters 8361.2736