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Pressure - Conversion Factors
To convert from the unit in the first column to the unit in the second, multiply by the conversion factor in the third column.

1 Atmosphere = (1 x 0.007348) Ton/sq. inch = 0.007348 Ton/sq. inch
To Convert To Multiply By
Atmospheres Ton/sq. inch 0.007348
Atmospheres Kgs/sq. cm 1.0333
Atmospheres Tons/sq. ft 1.058
Atmospheres Pounds/sq. in 14.7
Atmospheres In. of mercury (at 0 degrees C) 29.92
Atmospheres Ft. of water (at 4 degrees C) 33.9
Atmospheres Cms of mercury 76
Atmospheres Kgs/sq. meter 10332
Bars Atmospheres 0.9869
Bars Pounds/sq. in 14.5
Bars Pounds/sq. ft 2089
Bars Kgs/sq. meter 10200
Bars Dynes/sq. cm 1000000
Centimeters of mercury Atmospheres 0.01316
Centimeters of mercury Pounds/sq. in 0.1934
Centimeters of mercury Feet of water 0.4461
Centimeters of mercury Pounds/sq. ft 27.85
Centimeters of mercury Kgs/sq. meter 136
Feet of water Amospheres 0.0295
Feet of water Kgs/sq. cm 0.03048
Feet of water Pounds/sq. in 0.4335
Feet of water In. of mercury 0.8826
Feet of water Pounds/sq. ft 62.43
Feet of water Kgs/sq. meter 304.8
Grams/sq. cm Pounds/sq. ft 2.0481
Inches of mercury Atmospheres 0.03342
Inches of mercury Kgs/sq. cm 0.03453
Inches of mercury Pounds/sq. in. 0.4912
Inches of mercury Feet of water 1.133
Inches of mercury Pounds/sq. ft. 70.73
Inches of mercury Kgs/sq. meter 345.3
Inches of water (at 4°C) Atmospheres 0.002458
Inches of water (at 4°C) Kgs/sq. cm 0.00254
Inches of water (at 4°C) Pounds/sq. in 0.03613
Inches of water (at 4°C) Inches of mercury 0.07355
Inches of water (at 4°C) Ounces/sq. in 0.5781
Inches of water (at 4°C) Pounds/sq. ft 5.204
Kilograms/sq cm Atmospheres 0.9678
Kilograms/sq cm Pounds/sq in 14.22
Kilograms/sq cm Inches of mercury 28.96
Kilograms/sq cm Feet of water 32.81
Kilograms/sq cm Pounds/sq ft 2048
Kilograms/sq cm Dynes 980665
Kilograms/sq meter Atmospheres 0.00009678
Kilograms/sq meter Bars 0.00009807
Kilograms/sq mm Kgs/sq meter 1000000
Pounds/mil-foot Gms/cu cm 2306000
Pounds/sq ft Atmospheres 0.0004725
Pounds/sq ft Pounds/sq in 0.006944
Pounds/sq ft Inches of mercury 0.01414
Pounds/sq ft Feet of water 0.01602
Pounds/sq ft Kgs/sq meter 4.882
Pounds/sq in Atmospheres 0.06804
Pounds/sq in Inches of mercury 2.036
Pounds/sq in Feet of water 2.307
Pounds/sq in Pounds/sq ft 144
Pounds/sq in Kgs/sq meter 703.1
Tons (short)/sq ft Pounds/sq in 2000
Tons (short)/sq ft Kgs/Sq meter 9765