Top Level Domain Names (TLDs) listed by Country Code, with links to Registrars and WHOIS Servers

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Generic Top Level Domains with WHOIS Servers and Main Registrars
The table below shows all the currently listed Top Level Domain Names (TLDs) listed by Country Code. The links to "Registration URL" (where shown) indicate where a Domain Name can be registered - please note that there may be conditions such as nationality, residence etc that a potential registrant must comply with before a Domain Name can be registered.

Where a Whois Server is not shown, but a Registration URL link is, may indicate that the Registry for that TLD may provide a web-based Whois service.
Domain Country Registration URL Whois Server
.AEROReserved for members of the air-transport industry
.ARPAReserved exclusively to support operationally-critical infrastructural identifier spaces as advised by the Internet Architecture Board
.ASIARestricted to the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific community
.BIZRestricted for Business
.CATReserved for the Catalan linguistic and cultural community
.COMGeneric top-level domain
.COOPReserved for cooperative associations
.EDUReserved for post-secondary institutions accredited by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education's list of Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies
.GOVReserved exclusively for the United States Government
.INFOGeneric top-level domain
.INTUsed only for reg istering organizations established by international treaties between governments
.JOBSReserved for human resource managers
.MILReserved exclusively for the United States Military  
.MOBIReserved for consumers and providers of mobile products and services
.MUSEUMReserved for museums
.NAMEReserved for individuals
.NETGeneric top-level domain
.ORGGeneric top-level domain
.PRORestricted to credentialed professionals and related entities
.TELReserved for businesses and individuals to publish their contact data
.TRAVELReserved for entities whose primary area of activity is in the travel industry